21+ Overly Dramatic Cats Who Deserve An Oscar

Cats, whether they're discovering snow for the very first time, realizing that the ceiling fan goes in circles, watching somebody eat their ice-cream, or learning that their favorite couch is no longer here, these cats can't help but be overly dramatic...so much that some deserve an Oscar!

10+ Reasons Why You Shouldn't Leave Your Cat With Kids

Have you ever tried putting clothes on a cat? It probably didn't end well did it...but as you can see from this list, some cats can be quite a bit more tolerant than others, especially with kids! This collection will make you smile while also serving as a sweet reminder of the bond between kids and their kittys.

21+ Cats Who Are Completely Shameless About Bad Things They Did

We all love our cats, but let’s face it: sometimes they can be real jerks with naughty antics. From tearing toilet paper to stealing food, it’s clear that these cats don’t care about anyone and will continue to trouble their owners. So, what are we to do when our cats do bad things? Well, there’s not much you can do. Clean up their messes and snap a photo. After all, the mess won’t last, but that picture and memory will. We know that it’s hard to stay mad at these lovable cats, so we would like to share with you the evil things they did. After seeing these pics, you will have to admit that at least half of the bad things your cat does are kind of funny. Scroll down to check out!

Do Cats Walk On Foil? An Experiment

Most cats don't like the sound or the feel of aluminium foil. Is it true? Let's do an experiment! We lay the floor with...

15+ Of The World's Angriest Looking Cats Are Just Adorable

Well it appears the saying "You're so cute when you're angry" applies with cats as well! You'll find that these cats are clearly judging...

Man Pretends To Eat Cat’s Food And The Cat’s Response Is Priceless!

We're not really sure what would possess a man to pretend to eat his kitty's food. Is this the new way to try purrsuade...

What's It Like to Work With Cats…A Day at the Poopy Cat Office

We are betting you didn't know there is a company in Netherlands Called Poopy Cat and they have get this...cats living in their office...

15+ Cats That Are Simply Acting Really Weird…

There are times when cats behave in ways so unimaginable that we, their hoomans, think they must be out of this world. Whoever says that they are more of a dog person because they have more personality than cats, is clearly living under a rock. Cats are over flowing with personality. In fact, they have one of the best sense of humors any domestic pet can have. They have zero fear about showcasing their personalities to the extreme....AKA....letting their silly side shine :)

21+ Cats Who Have Photo Bombing Nailed Purrfect

If you think you're the best at photo bombing, then you have it all wrong. These cats are basically pros at it. They know how to sabotage your selfies, even important family pictures. They are completely shameless when it comes to ruining any of your pictures. Did someone say camera? Well, these cats certainly run at lightning speed when they hear "camera" to make sure that they're in every picture!

Jay Leno Proves Cats Are Smarter Than Dogs

Comedian, Jay Leno is a true cat lover and he was on a mission to prove that cats were in fact smarter than dogs....

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