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Woman Finds An Abandoned Suitcase In The Park And Makes A Heartbreaking Discovery Inside

Pet ownership is major responsibility, unfortunately sometimes people don’t always understand how much work is required to bring an animal into their home and the costs involved with providing everything that is necessary for them to thrive.
You probably wouldn’t think twice about seeing an old suitcase lying on the side of the road. Maybe some unsuspecting traveler lost his luggage? Sara Baumer noticed this old and beaten up suitcase when she was out for a walk and didn’t think twice about it.
Although the suitcase was in the middle of a park which is a little more unusual, Sara still didn’t think much about it…that is until she heard some muffled cries coming from inside the suitcase! When she opened it up, inside she found 12 black little kittens!
Someone had abandoned the kittens.
Sara quickly brought them to the veterinarian who was happy to report that, overall, the kittens appeared to be in good shape. The kittens did have some fleas but a little food and water went a long way in bringing them back to full health.
Thankfully, Sara was at the right place at the right time. Imagine what would have happened if she never heard those scries?

Unfortunately, the individual responsible for this heinous act was never found.  The animal hospital decided to help make sure each and every one of the black kittens found a loving home.
When you are looking for a pet please visit your local shelters first. There are so many animals waiting for a forever home.
If you ever decide to give one a chance it’s well worth it!
(h/t: Relayhero)