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Wild Lynx Meets the Crazy Cat Lady Whisperer!

When a Canadian woman discovered a wild lynx outside her shop in Terrance Bay, Ontario, she recorded the sighting and posted it on Facebook receiving some polarizing views from the people who viewed it. “There’s just a lynx hanging uptown, chilling out,” said Beth-Ann Colebourne
Beth-Ann, who now carries the nickname “the crazy cat lady whisperer”, said she never felt threatened by the lynx and made sure she gave the animal space to run away. But she still spoke to the lynx as if it where a normal cat such as “Kitty, kitty, kitty” and “What’s up buddy, what are you doing?” which left a whole slew of online comments questioning her sanity.
Despite her friendliness of “Hey, Lynx!” and “Come here,” the wild lynx quickly walks away uninterested in making a new friend. a
She definitely understands why some have questioned her sanity but her new nickname doesn’t bother her one bit.

Why is she asking what he’s doing? It’s pretty obvious he’s trying to mail something. 😀