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This Family Did A Newborn Photo Shoot For Their Kitten, And It's Absolutely Purrfect

When you are a professional photographer what is the most purrfect way to celebrate a new kitten? How about a glamorous newborn baby–style photo shoot. The kitty, named Elsa, was adopted by Cassie Borcherding of Missouri, her husband, and her four kids.

Cassie is a professional photographer and her daughter Cassie begged her to do a photoshoot for the new addition!

They actually found the stray kitten in their garage, and at first weren’t sure what to do but her 4-year-old daughter Emma fell in love with the kitty.
“After seeing how well she did with the kitten and after being unable to locate an owner, we decided to keep her,”

“I couldn’t resist,” she said. “We dug out some newborn wraps and tie-backs and got to work.”


She was named after Elsa the character from Frozen


Aren’t these photos just pawsitively purrfect?

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