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This Couple Builds Cat Furniture That’s Nicer Than Everything You Own

Anyone who’s experienced life with a cat knows they are capable of totally ruining your furniture. Cats love to scratch, often by sacraficing couch, your curtains, your carpets, your upholstery…the list goes on and on.
Cat trees help keep your cat occupied, but they take up too much floor space and, they’re not exactly decor-friendly. That’s where CatastrophiCreations, comes in.  Founders and couple Mike Wilson and Megan Hanneman weren’t crazy about the selection of cat furniture at their disposal, so they decided to build their own.
The cat complexes are very detailed. They feature interconnected bridges, shelves and cat hammocks. Some of the structures have themes, like CatastrophiCreations’ PacMan and Mario-themed cat complexes. “Honestly I have no idea where he gets his ideas from,” Hanneman said of Wilson’s designs. “I feel like they just come out of thin air.”
Hanneman and Wilson feel that these structures do a lot to improve feline behavioral issues. “Giving a cat a space of its own is pretty important,” Wilson said. “We’ve been trying to create something that looks good on the wall, that you wouldn’t mind having in your apartment or your home, but that’s also helping your cat by giving it its own space.”
Here’s the best part… This cat furniture only takes half an hour to mount on your wall. “All you need is a drill and a stud-finder,” Hanneman said. “Pretty simple installation, I’d say.”

CatastrophiCreations furniture ranges in price from inexpensive to pretty expensive. One cat hammock costs $38, while an entire PacMan Cat Complex will run you $600.

Cats really do have the life! This is like Ethan Allen for cats! Share with friends!