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This Cloud Is A Hot Debate On The Internet : Cat or Dog?

Mother nature can be beautiful, amazing and creative at times. For this instance we have natural clouds that have a stunning resemblance to an animal. This furry-looking cloud formation was found and shared on Reddit by a user named jhvk.

Thousands of people have shared these photos and commented on them. So much so that its been a hot debate on social media! Some people say it’s a cat, some believe it to be a dog while others say it just looks simply like a cloud.

To some extent, it looks like a cat because most cats would something like this. From one perspective, this is definitely a cat. Paws outstretched, possibly in mid-pounce, the fluffy white feline must be eyeing some celestial ball of yarn…
Source: Reddit/u/jhvk

Look at it from a slightly different point of view, and you have a dog. It’s a gaseous good boy leaping up for some stratospheric chew toy. A puffy and playful white pup with floor to spare…Source: Reddit/u/jhvk

Whether you believe it to be a cat, dog or simply a cloud, we can all agree that mother nature is awesome. What do you think? Share with your friends!