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This Amazing Hoodie Lets You Literally Wear Your Cat

There are house cats that enjoy outside walks with leashes, but then there are kitties that prefer a little more luxurious approach. We present the Summer Mewgaroo, a sleeveless hoodie with a pocket in the stomach region which will have you carrying your cat in your very own pouch! This is just the hoodie you need to travel in style while carrying our furry friends.

This feline-friendly hoodie is one garment where the cat hair isn’t an issue.

If you live in Japan, you’re in luck and can actually purchase one at Summer Mewgaroo Hoodie by Unihabitat

Made from 100% double-knit cotton, the sweatshirt features breathable fabric that helps keep both you and your pet cooler.


The pouch itself is made of a snag-free material which ensures minimal claw snags.

Amazing-Cat-Hoodie-3It’s also completely machine-washable, minus the cat.

For the warmer summer heat making your feline too warm, the pouch has a place to insert an ice pack or a heat pack in the winter


Most importantly, the hood cords have pom-poms sewn on the ends so the cat can stay entertained while being a baby kangaroo.


If the hoodie isn’t quite for you, there’s also this:

Rough translation: “I want to become a useless like a cat. Do not be embraced such a desire?” Sure…I guess?

Here’s a video of the sweatshirt in action:


UPDATE: Now available in the US as well – Get Hoodie

These are only available on Amazon Japan, but if they catch on it probably won’t be long before you see them near you!
(h/t: MyModernMet)