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Rescued Cat Brothers Become Clinic’s Official Welcoming Committee

These three kittens, Larry, Roger and Carl were once abandoned in Texas. Luckily someone rescued them, and brought all of them to Mercy Animal Clinic. Three years have passed, and now they’re grown up, and are permanent residents of the clinic. They are now the clinic’s official welcoming committee. They are the feline staffers that keep things calm and carrying!
This is the brother trio when they were first brought into the clinic.
Just a normal day at the office for them. They love to greet and welcome everyone that comes through.
Dr. Rick Hamlin, who runs the clinic, named them Larry, Roger, and Carl after his daughter suggested that his new colleagues needed office names.
Greeting new visitors is one of their favorite things to do. “Larry and Roger love a crowd of people and pets,” Hamlin said. “They will visit clients and pets in the waiting room and will jump on the exam table to visit with patients during exams.”
They also enjoy keeping a nervous new patient company, which helps to calm them down.
But, don’t underestimate them. They also like to get into trouble. Larry, likes to go into people’s purses, and see what he can steal.
Carl, the black and white cat, is the “bad boy” who likes prove to the dogs that he is tougher than them.
Roger enjoys the art of stealing donuts.
They have now become an icon of the clinic’s, and people are excited for their appointments just to see them. Share with friends!
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