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Rescue Kitten Refuses to Eat, Until She Met Her New Best Friend

A tiny stray kitten was found alone on the streets of San Jose, California. The 2-week old kitten was taken in by Thos Bui, a woman who had a history of rescuing animals. After many attempts she was unable to get the kitten now named Rosie to respond. She wouldn’t eat or do much of anything. That was until one of her dogs, Lilo, came to the rescue.

Slowly Rosie began to open up and respond. Thos said that this tiny kitty began to feel better after cuddling with her canine mom for a couple of hours. Not long after Rosie began to eat and immediately the little kitten began to change and adjust to her new world and adoptive mother. Now that Rosie is all grown up she a bit of an identity crisis. After spending so much time with Lilo, she seems to think that she might be part Husky too! She goes outside to do her business, just like Lilo, and often goes on walks as well. She has definitely become part of this adorable Husky family.

The true power of friendship, when your friend will do everything to ensure you are doing well and you will do the same in return just because you love one another and are ready to stand and fight shoulder to shoulder.