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Homeless Kitten Fell Asleep In Her Rescuer’s Car, And He Didn’t Have The Heart To Wake Her Up

A young man found a tiny, defenseless calico kitten in the middle of a busy street. He grabbed her and put her in his truck. “I found a stray that snores as loud as a train!”
She wasn’t shy, she quickly tried to climb up to his shoulder.
“She was crawling in the street in an area only surrounded by woods so she was either born there and the mother didn’t get to transfer the whole litter or someone just dumped her,” Matt said.
“(I) took her to the vet the next day to get rid of all of the fleas and as soon as I did, she instantly fell asleep in the truck. I didn’t have the heart to wake her up when I got home so I just sat there quietly with the radio off for about an hour until she woke up.”
She fell asleep in his truck…
He didn’t want to wake the tired kitty, so he turned off the radio and sat there for an hour until the sleeping beauty woke up on her own. Too precious to wake up 🙂
Update: She’s now living happily at a good home 🙂
Matt was not able to keep the kitten at his place. But, he did make sure to find the fluffy kitten a safe and loving home. “I used to work at a vets office and vetted a few potential adopters. I paid for the first round of de-worm medicine and gave her to a lady with another rescue cat,” – Matt
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