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Heroic Rescue Tabby Cat Saves Baby Girl's Life And Finds Forever Home

Meet Herbie. He isn’t your average black, grey and white Tabby Cat. He is actually a hero.
Janine DeMartini, was fostering Herbie from Staten Island Hope Animal Rescue.
“They told me he’s friendly but nobody wants him,” DeMartini recalled. But as it turned out, Herbie was more than just friendly.
One night, when Janine was about to fall asleep, Herbie started meowing loudly and headed for the door.
“I was thinking maybe he wants out of my room. Maybe he wants food. I just wanted to ignore it but he wouldn’t stop,” recalled DeMartini, noting the mellow cat’s persistence.
Herbie was usually always a mellow cat, so when she saw he seemed anxious, she knew something had to be wrong.
Janine got up, and the cat led her to her daughter Isabella’s room. “Herbie kept pawing at the door and when I opened it, he ran inside and jumped into her crib. Isabella had turned over while sleeping and had pulled a toy blanket over her face,” she recalled.

Somehow her two year old daughter was being smothered by a blanket! Fortunately enough, Herbie was on the watch and warned Janine just in time.
“I pulled the blanket off of her and held her. I almost lost her had I not listened to Herbie and followed him,” he said.
So, needless to say Janine knew she had to fully adopt Herbie. He was even more important to her now that he had save her daughter’s life. He was family now.  “He was always purring and rubbing on me — very affectionate. I always said, ‘You’re just a little love bug’ …. but I never intended on keeping him,” Janine added.

Now, Herbie is an official member of the DeMartini home.
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(h/t: We Love Cats And Kittens)