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Heroic Cat Rescues A Hiker In the Swiss Alps…Amazing!

One day, a tourist went hiking in the Swiss Alps….not far from the village of Gimmelwald. After a while, he suddenly realized that he was lost.
Gimmelwald is a very picturesque little village, secluded in the heart of the mountains. Since it was the end of the skiing season, most of the ski lifts were switched off. On that day, the hiker went for a walk in the mountains. When it came time to return, he took the map out to figure out how to descend back to the hostel. That’s when he discovered that the only designated route down the slope of the mountain laid through a pass, which was closed down. Since he couldn’t find another way to the village, he sat down to rest, and decide what his next move would be. Suddenly, he saw this handsome cat….
The cat noticed him immediately. Then, he walked up to him and sat beside him. Then he started walking down a nearby path, constantly stopping to look around, as if inviting him to follow.
“He was very friendly, despite the fact that I was a complete stranger. Obviously, he was used to tourists.”
When they finally reached the path leading to the hostel, their ways parted and the cat went off minding his own business.

After this story was published, other Internet users shared their tales about encountering a similar cat in the vicinity of Gimmelwald. One person said, ’This cat went hiking with me and my friends three months ago. He usually walked at the head of the group, stopping now and then to allow us time to catch up and to give us a big smile.’
So, as it turns out, the cat belongs to the hostel owners and is very fond of tourists. He’s a hero every time the tourists get lost 🙂 Share with friends!