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Family Saves 3-day-old Kitten and Gives Him an Unusual Friend to Grow Up with

A tiny 3-day-old kitten was found and rescued by a Japanese family, he was all alone. The family named the kitten Koma, and gave him an unusual friend to grow up with.
When they found the little orphaned kitten, his eyes hadn’t even opened.
“At that time, he was alone, and he was about 3 days after birth,” said Mai Narushima. They became his family.
Ultraman was about the same size as the kitten so it made sense! The family also wanted to document Koma’s growth in the coming weeks, and the Ultraman figurine was a perfect companion!
The family placed Ultraman next to their precious fur baby. It would appear as if the Japanese super hero was watching over him and protecting him.
“You are not alone any more! I’m here for you.”
With eyes opened, Koma learns to walk with guidance from Ultraman!
Koma cuddles up with Ultraman for a nap after a full day of play.

Koma quickly outgrew his companion.
But he still adores his Ultraman friend.
Watching over his side while he naps.
Here are the two sharing the cat fort.
Young Koma, twice as tall as his friend.

Ultraman can’t even wrap his arms around Koma as he is a big kitty now!
10 months ago, they found the kitten and gave him a loving home and a protective friend.
Now he’s all grown up! The two are still best of buddies.
Koma celebrating his 1 year birthday!
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