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Cat In A Kill Shelter Had Only Days To Live, But Then A Miracle Occurred…

No one knows exactly how Nemo ended up at the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter in Los Angeles, California. But he was in a rough place, not only did he come in with a broken leg, but he ended up at a kill shelter. This poor little guy was given only a few days to live.
Cristina Garcia, one of the shelter’s compassionate workers pleaded to spare his life and give him more time. The shelter than updated Nemo’s file to give him a a few more extra days but his fate would still be uncertain until someone came to adopt him.
Cristina knew that he was special. Not only did they bond quickly, but he even jumped onto her shoulder, complete with cast. She just knew he had to be given the chance to find a loving home.

Nemo with his hero, Cristina.

Kill-Shelter-Miracle-2Cristina tries to soothe a sad dog inside his kennel.
Cristina says that he’s a sweet little kitty, who absolutely loves people. But she posted on Facebook to say she was really worried about him with only few days…

The pair cuddling.

Cristina knows that she can’t save all of them. She does her best to help them. Professional photographer John Hwang comes to the shelter to take photos of the cats, as these are more likely to get the pets adopted than if the pets are looking scared in their cages.
As John wandered through the shelter with her he could see how much she loved and cared for the animals. He noted how frightened and claustrophobic the animals must feel in their cages.

Don’t worry, it will be better soon.


The shelter has more than cats, they also have pigs. Cristina often spends time on her breaks caring for the animals. Cristina has saved Nemo’s life more than once, and when there’s a will there’s a way.

That’s one funny looking cat!

There’s a happy ending to this story as Nemo ended up being adopted by a loving family! He’s now living happily in his furever home!
A close call, but such a happy ending should be shared with your friends!
(h/t: TheMeowPost)