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Bullet, The Cat Who Got Shot, And Came Back Stronger Than Ever

Everyone, meet Bullet. Unfortunately, the way he got his name is very sad. One day Bullet was just going about his day in Frazee, Minnesota, when some awful human took out a gun and shot him a couple of times.
With the help of Cats Cradle Shelter in Fargo, North Dakota, Bullet has recovered from his wounds and relocated to a better life.
Per Gail Ventzke, executive director of Cats Cradle Shelter. Bullet was found by a guy who used to clean trailer parks.
“Because of the number of mobile homes, there are lots of cats abandoned there,” she says. “This gentleman saw that the cat had a bullet wound and, because he was running low on money from funding some TNR efforts, he called us for help.”
Once Bullet arrived at the Cats Cradle Shelter, he didn’t look too bad. The reason for this is because his wounds appeared to be focused on his legs rather than any viral organs. But, at first glance, it was very clear that he’d been shot. There were four holes puncturing his body, with two being on his shoulder.
The rescuers brought Bullet to Red Barn Veterinary Services in Sheldon, North Dakota. There, he had surgery to remove a series of bone fragments.

“The bullet went in the back of his wrist,”Ventzke explains, “and then it went up his leg and shattered bones in his elbow before exiting out of his shoulder.”

Ventzke believes that Bullet was abused, “He was shot in an upwards way, so that means he was likely in a defensive posture.”
Ventzske says that the first night she took Bullet home, he was scared of ceiling fans.
“When cats react to moving things, it’s usually because they’ve been hit before,” Ventzke says.
Despite all the harm Bullet has received in his young life, Ventzke says that he is now doing great. He’s currently being kept in isolation at Cats Cradle, but only because he has some suspicious skin spots that suggest that he might be battling a case of ringworm. He is very friendly, and loves people. He has already received a couple of offers from forever homes!
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