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Amazing Boy Scouts Project: Upgrades For Shy Shelter Kitties Room

The shy cats at a Middletown, New York shelter are getting lessons in being social in a room that went from shabby to chic, thanks to Boy Scout Seth Bally.
Seth Bally of Boy Scout Troop 66 in Goshen, New York had a great idea for his Eagle Scout project; he wanted to make life a little more beautiful for the animals at the shelter where he adopted his dog – Pets Alive in Middletown, according to a recent report in  Recordonlin.com.
“I knew everybody and knew they needed some help,” he told The Times Herald Record. “The volunteers there can only do so much, because most of the time they’re looking after the animals. So, I thought I could re-do one of the rooms there.”
Seth and his team of volunteers turned their attention to a room that houses some of the shelter’s shy and  antisocial cats. A Kitty Finishing School is held there for volunteers to socialize work shy cats. Many of the cats came from  hoarding situations where they missed out on human interaction.
The volunteers gave the old room a thorough cleaning followed by a paint job and a new donated ceiling fan. Artist Robin Murphy then painted a lovely mural of a tree on the wall. The volunteers then added carpeted shelves for lounging.
“I tried to give the cats some more vertical space,” Seth said. “They seemed to like them. They jumped on them right away.” As you can see the results were meow-velous indeed.
(h/t: lifewithcats.tv)