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Amazing Autistic Girl's Life Is Turned Around Thanks To a Beautiful Maine Coon Cat

The artist is a very special 5-year old British girl who is diagnosed with autism. And, her muse for her artwork is none other than a loving and adorable, Main Coon cat, named Thula. To say these two, are inseparable is an understatement. She loves art, and her paintings fall nothing short from being masterpieces. Her work is abstract, colorful, but with perfect sequence and tones. This is just evidence that nothing, not even Autism can or should stop a child from aspiring and dreaming. This little one has made her aspiration to be an artist a reality, and where she will go with her talent will be limitless.
Iris’s beautiful paintings are sold to private art collectors around the world. Her family uses the money they make from the paintings to pay for therapy treatments, art supplies, and to raise awareness about autism.
One of Iris’ daily struggles with autism was anxiety. She didn’t feel right in social situations. So, her mother decided  that a nurturing animal companion would be helpful and calming.
Arabella, Iris’ mom said that she wasn’t advised to get a therapy animal, but when she researched autism, she found a lot of information on the wonderful effects that animals can have on autistic children. Arabella said, “We took Iris to equine therapy but she didn’t seem very interested in horses at that time. Then I began to think about a therapy dog.”
Iris’s parents bought Thula (Maine Coon), two years ago. Since then, she has started to speak – something the doctors warned might never happen.
Arabella said, “Thula has lowered Iris’ daily anxieties and keeps her calm, but equally has the effect of encouraging her to be more social.”  “She has been at Iris’s side since she arrived and slept in her arms during her first night here. Thula’s constant presence and gentle nature is having a remarkable effect upon Iris.”  Thula will regularly sit beside Iris and mimic her movements.

Iris and Thula’s relationship is based upon companionship, not the usual picking up, stroking, or chasing that kids do with cats. Thula is not trained to be a service/therapy cat. But, since the family took her in at such a young age, she has gotten used to many things that ordinary cats may have a total hissy-fit about. For example, Thula wears a harness most of the time, rides in the car, boat rides, and bike rides.
According to Arabella, “When Iris was looking at her books; she would delicately feel Thula’s ears and her long whiskers, or hold her tail at the tip, casually twiddling with the fur as if it were her own.”
Today, Thula continues to be a big influence in Iris’s artwork. She sells her stunning art for several thousand dollars per painting, as they are critically acclaimed pieces.
Iris’s incredible tale of talent and special relationship with Thula is told by her mother in a book called “Iris Grace”. For information, here’s the link:  Iris Grace. Share with friends!