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Alice, The World’s Most Beautiful Persian Cat That No One Wanted

It’s very hard to believe that this beauty of a cat was once not wanted. Thankfully, she got adopted soon after. Her name is Alice, and she is a 5 year old Persian mix. Her fur has the most beautiful white and grey marble color. And the texture of her fur is full like cotton. Her piercing green eyes compliment her entire look to be a stunning one!

Meet Alice, the gorgeous 5-year-old Persian mix who was unwanted by her previous owners.


They couldn’t keep her for some unknown reasons but her new mom Yara couldn’t be happier to adopt her.


And how could she not? Just take a look at that royal fluffiness!


“She has a big attitude and loves attention but only on her terms,” Yara said.


“She doesn’t like to be stroked/carried/touched unless she approaches first”


“She is not the cuddliest of cats but she likes to be around people”


“She loves meeting new people and will instantly rub against them, meow and ask for attention”


“She gets along with other cats if they let her be in charge”


“She likes wearing cool collars – she has a crystal encrusted one and loads of cool bow-ties and bandanas”


“But she’s so fluffy you can’t really see them!”


“She is VERY picky with her food and it took me a long time to find good quality food that she actually likes”


“She also doesn’t care about catnip at all!”


However, Alice does care about traveling!


“She has lived in 4 countries (Saudi Arabia, Germany, the Netherlands, England)”


“She has a passport and travels with me on the plane”

A little difficult she is, but she can get away with it because she is stunning! Share with friends!