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18 Cats Who Will Judge You To The Core With Their Facial Expressions

These cats are very special. They have ‘resting judgment face’. Ok, that’s not really a thing, but the way they look at their owners…that’s a thing. And they’re judging them so much with their looks, they may burn holes in the humans’ faces. For most cats, these are their resting faces. Don’t you wonder if they’re really judging you? What they’re thinking of you. All we can say, “if looks could kill…”

This cat, who can’t believe you’re actually going to wear that.

This kitty, who wants to know what you’re doing coming home at this late hour.

This fuzzball, who heard you pronounce “nuclear” as “new-cue-lar.”


This feline, who can’t believe you told such a terrible joke.

This kitten, who’s just watching you eat crackers in bed.


This tabby, who knows you have several hours of Bachelor In Paradise saved on your DVR.

This guy, who sees that you’re still in bed even though he should have been fed five minutes ago.


This munchkin, who has been watching you try to take the perfect selfie all afternoon.

This cat, who is unimpressed with how loudly you chew, like, are you eating metal shards or something?


This flufferton who noticed that you’re one of those people who hangs the toilet paper so it hangs under the roll.

This little loaf, who totally saw your browser history.


This kitty, who disapproves of almost all of your life choices.

This pile of fluff who wonders why you went for the flamingo sheets when the kitty paw print sheets were on sale.


This fella, who saw you use the word “your” when you meant “you’re.”

This feline, who scoffs at your attempts to grow facial hair.


This black kitty who knows that you don’t recycle often enough.

This kitty, who can’t believe you’ve been listening to “All-Star” on repeat for three hours.

And this cat, who is totally thinking, “You’ve gotta be kitten me.”

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